Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank

Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank

Home of The Real World: Philadelphia

249 - 251 Arch Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank Information:

The 14,494 square foot, three-story neoclassical building is located next to the Betsy Ross House in the heart of Philadelphia's vibrant and historic Old City district. Constructed in 1902, the building was known as the Girard Corn Exchange Bank until 1970. It later sold to the Seamen's Church Institute for the use of housing seafarers from around the world. Placed on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places in 1977, the building was sold in 2003 to Yaron Properties, Inc. for $2.2 million. At the time of the sale, Yaron Properties was already planning to renovate the interior of the building.

The interior renovations and furnishing for the filming of the series were estimated at $3 million and designed by Norm Dodge of Norm Dodge & Associates. There were 42 fixed cameras mounted inside the building. In 3/2004, workers were two-thirds finished with the renovations for the filming of the series when Bunim-Murray Productions announced they were leaving Philadelphia due to a dispute with the local trade unions. The renovations were delayed several weeks.

After the filming of the series was complete, Yaron Properties purchased the furnishings and collection of local modern art with plans to turn the building into retail space. As late as 10/2004, the interior of the building remained decorated with all of the interior furnishings from the filming of the series. They were eventually removed and the building opened as the F.U.E.L. Collection Fine Art Gallery. The building was later rebranded as Trust, an event space available for rent. The Bathroom on the 2nd floor has been enclosed and is the only remaining renovation from the filming of the series.

The building sold in 2015 and is now headquarters to Linode, a cloud hosting company.

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Former Girard Corn Exchange Bank Visit, March 2007
Arch Street, Atrium, Bathroom, Billiard Room, Betsy Ross House, Blue Bedroom, Dining Room, Front, Front Doors, Green Bedroom, Gym, Kitchen, Living Room, North 3rd Street Side, Office, Phone Room, Pillow Alcove, Purple Bedroom, Smoking Lounge, Southwest Corner, Spa

Post-Filming Pictures
Front, Front Doors, North 3rd Street Side, Southwest Corner

Renovation of the Building
Atrium, Bathroom, Foyer, Purple Bedroom, Spa

Pre-Renovation Pictures
2nd Floor, Atrium, Basement, Exterior, Kitchen

Front, Front Doors, Southwest Corner

Confessional Room

1st Floor
Atrium, Billiard Room, Dining Room, Foyer, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Phone Room

2nd Floor
Bathroom, Blue Bedroom, Green Bedroom, Gym, Hallway, Pillow Alcove, Purple Bedroom, Smoking Lounge, Spa

3rd Floor
Control Room

Floor Plans
1st Floor, 2nd Floor

Taping Dates
April 30 - August 20, 2004

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