Homecoming: The Uptowner

Homecoming: The Uptowner

Home of The Real World Homecoming: New Orleans

438 Henry Clay Avenue

New Orleans, LA 70118

The 6,260 square foot, two story, six-bedroom, six bathroom house is located in Uptown, thus named "The Uptowner", the building was previously a banquet hall before being returned to a single-family residence. The House appears to have been returned to its original condition with the exception of the Spa, which remains along the fence in the Backyard.

MTV posted a house tour of the renovations for the filming of the series. The Uptowner is located 3.4 miles from the Belfort Mansion and 1.6 miles from 1635 Dufossat Street, used in the filming of the twenty-fourth season.

The Uptowner Visit, September 2022
Backyard, Front, Front Door, Northeast Corner, Laurel Street Side, Sidewalk

Covered Patio

1st Floor
Billiard Room, Kitchen, Living Room

2nd Floor
Blue Bedroom, Orange Bedroom, Purple Bedroom, Sitting Area

Taping Dates
14 days in November, 2021

Photo Credit: www.RealWorldHouses.com

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