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'Jersey Shore' House Owner Inspires Us To Go Into Celebrity Real Estate 'Jersey Shore' House Owner Inspires Us To Go Into Celebrity Real Estate - February 4, 2010, a site devoted to former "Real World" abodes (and totally not affiliated with MTV, by the way), reports that the house of the upcoming "Back to New Orleans" season is on the market for $1.7 million. Its listing doesn't mention "Real World," however, but it does name-drop "MTV Cribs." It's supposedly owned by Los Angeles Clipper Baron Davis, who showed off his home for us back in season eight. What a bargain!”

For fate of 'Real World' house, stay tuned - September 16, 2009

" promises to divulge “The Real Truth behind MTV’s The Real World Houses". His site, replete with photos and interviews, offers a glimpse at what has become of the buildings once occupied by the toned and testy tenants."

Fate of 'Real World' houses varies after filming - April 27, 2008

"For detailed information about all 20 houses, check out the Web site called, appropriately enough, The Real Truth Behind MTV's The Real World Houses. It documents the houses with detailed pictures, and frequently has reports about what happens to them after they're abandoned by the cast and crew."

As 'World' turns here, cast rumors run rampant - November 10, 2003

“Buried behind warehouses and military buildings, it's hard to find. But because the house is painted bright, bright (did we say bright?) blue, you can spot it from the water or surrounding neighborhood hills. Plus, there's a massive bull's eye hanging there, begging for attention. The cast drives a yellow SUV with surfboards on top, there's a basketball and a sand volleyball court visible from thegate, and of course, there's the obligatory jacuzzi. For more details, check”

E True Hollywood Story: The Real World - Premier Date August 24, 2003

6 pictures from appeared in the two hour documentary.

Home Depot - The Houses of MTV’s ‘Real World’ Share an Address on the Web - August 9, 2002

"Forget the rants, the tensions, the clandestine hookups. When it comes to MTV’s Real World, the crazy cribs rival the colorful casts in entertainment value. Said dwellings get their due at, a site for those who are less interested in who’s shacking up with whom than they are in the shacks themselves."

Living in the Real World - March 27, 2002

“Most of us will never live in a place as fantastically designed as the casts of the Real World enjoy every season, but you can take a jealous look back at The fansite, while fairly thorough, is limited somewhat in the pictorials of the earlier homes, but has interesting features such as photos of the interior of the San Francisco and Boston houses as they currently look, as well as exterior shots of the reported location for the upcoming Las Vegas edition of the enduring MTV franchise.”

The Real World Houses - January 22, 2002

"With another season of MTV's The Real World on tap, what better time to look back at the real truth about the coolest part of the show." Main Page

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