Powis Terrace Flat

Powis Terrace Flat

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18 Powis Terrace


W11 1JH

United Kingdom

Powis Terrace Flat Information:

The four bedroom Flat is located in Notting Hill, a cosmopolitan district of west London located close to the northwest corner of Kensington Gardens. It lies within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Notting Hill has a reputation as an affluent and fashionable area known for attractive terraces of large Victorian townhouses, high-class shopping and restaurants. Residents are typified as young and affluent and the area has had an association with artists and "alternative" culture since its development in the 1820's.

The Flat is currently used as studio space for Nick Hornby, a London artist. The ground floor retail space is leased to MYZ Beauty Boutique.

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Post-Filming Pictures
Billiard Room, Exterior Front Doors, Front, Kitchen, Living Room, Retail Space, South Side

Exterior Front Doors, Rooptop Deck

1st Floor
Billiard Room, Dining Room, Front Door, Kitchen, Living Room, Phone Room

2nd Floor
Bathroom, Green/Yellow Bedroom, Library, Light Green Bedroom, Phone Room

3rd Floor
Light Blue Bedroom, Royal Blue Bedroom

Taping Dates
5 months in 1995

Photo Credit: Jared

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